Wargate - free immersive sci-fi MMORPG shooter game


We think it’s time for a big change!

Wargate is a free immersive MMORPG shooter that offers a vast array of unique characters and endless gameplay possibilities. With integrated artificial intelligence, players can expect thrilling battles, deep customization options, and a richly detailed universe to explore and conquer. Lots of guns, ammo & sharp blades.

The collective decision-making of the community guides the progression of the story and character arcs through a voting system.

Therefore, we will be glad if you help us with this.

Sci-fi soldiers Wargate game characters

3 level of armor

Three tiers of armor provide increased defenses and benefits. Higher levels allow for advanced enchantments and mobility
  • L.1-3 each one has own abilities

Distinct Classes

Each race offers unique class archetypes with specialized passive abilities. Become a warrior, support, or other specialized role
  • Infantry, rangers, snipers, support, etc

Evolving Skillset

A robust skill tree for each class allows customizing your abilities. Advance techniques in weapons, magic, survival, etc
  • Each class has it's own skill tree


Wield iconic race-specific weapons like guns, rifles & swords. Craft the perfect tools of war through an in-depth customization system
  • Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary


Create, grow, discover & conquer!

You’ll have complete freedom to customize your character from the ground up. Choose from multiple races, each with their own distinct attributes and talents to aid your quest.

As your journey progresses, even more races may emerge, expanding your options. In addition to selecting your race and gender, fully personalize your appearance down to the smallest detail. Shape your hero’s destiny by deciding which faction gains your allegiance as the story unfolds.

Abilities icons - Wargate
Dryad game character - Wargate game


Explore worlds, invade or liberate them

Vast worlds await your exploration, each filled with diverse cultures and mysterious lands. As you travel between realms, you will encounter all manner of terrain, from lush forests and towering mountains to vast deserts and frigid tundras. Within these worlds thrive untold numbers of unique creatures, both friendly and fearsome.

Frozen lands - Wargate environment
Rocks & caves - Wargate environment
Dark forest - Wargate environment

As you explore the realms, you will have the opportunity to interact with these worlds in different ways. You may choose to ally with a region, helping secure its freedom and prosperity against those who would dominate it. Or you could seek to expand your influence by capturing new territories and adding them to your ever-growing domain. However you decide to engage with each location, your actions will shape the fate of these worlds and their inhabitants. Uncover hidden secrets scattered throughout the realms and forge your own destiny as you liberate or bring realms under your control throughout your epic journey.


Lots of guns, ammo & sharp blades

This game offers a huge selection of weapons and armor to suit all playstyles. Whether you prefer ranged weapons or like getting up close in melee combat, there are many options to choose from.

You’ll find all manner of swords from one-handed rapiers to massive greatswords. Each sword has unique stats and abilities tailored to different fighting styles. Armor and weapons can be found in Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary varieties, with higher rarities possessing more power.

Guns & ammo - Wargate


Development process, airdrops and events

Development is in progress. This is not the final version.