Octobeast - Wargate game characters


In this blighted world, nightmares manifest in terrifying new forms. Through anomalous portals, mutated horrors emerge to claim dominion over the wastes. One such abomination is the Octobeast – a twisted fusion of octopus and beast. Where octopi once hid in the depths, this horrible mutation thrives in darkness on land or sea.

Tentacles tipped with serrated suckers can rend armor like paper. Its bulbous body undulates with unnatural speed. Camouflage allows it to blend into any shadowy environment, becoming invisible to prey until too late.

Octobeast game character - Wargate
Octobeast character - Wargate game
Octobeast character - Wargate
Octobeast VS Human - Wargate
Octobeast - Wargate game

The Octobeast prefers the murkiest terrain – swamps, fetid pools and the ruins of abandoned facilities now reclaimed by nature. There it lurks with patience to ambush the unwary. Or it may swarm victims in a flailing mass of eldritch limbs.


Each variant possesses its own unique powers and role on the battlefield. The crimson Octobeast can spit a corrosive pyroclastic liquid to engulf foes in flames. Its burning secretions turn any surface to ash. The green streams of acidic bile capable of dissolving even reinforced armor over time. No protection can withstand their corrosive onslaught.

In this blighted world, the boundaries between realities have blurred. When anomalous portals first opened, our greatest terrors slipped through. To stare into its bulging, alien eyes is to glimpse madness. Its serrated limbs rend and tear with uncanny speed and strength. Worse still is the realization that such abominations were pulled from nameless depths beyond imagination.


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