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We think it’s time for a big change!
The Radiants graciously offered their support when we needed it most, sharing technological insights that allowed us to develop more advanced armor and weaponry. With this assistance, we were able to gain an edge in the ongoing conflict. However, depending on others also brings uncertainties. Humanity has since focused our ingenuity on becoming self-reliant through innovation, while still valuing cooperation with allied forces.
Exploration of uncharted worlds presents opportunities to discover game-changing advances, with every choice impacting the strategic balance of power. By maintaining open lines of communication even with past allies, we aim to establish mutually beneficial relations across the Multiverse.
Sci-fi soldiers Wargate game characters

3 level of armor

Three tiers of armor provide increased defenses and benefits. Higher levels allow for advanced enchantments and mobility
  • L.1-3 each one has own abilities

Distinct Classes

Human race offers unique class archetypes with specialized passive abilities. Become a swat, sniper, scout, support, or other specialized role
  • Infantry, rangers, snipers, support, etc

Evolving Skillset

A robust skill tree for each class allows customizing your abilities. Advance techniques in weapons, magic, survival, etc
  • Each class has it's own skill tree


Wield iconic race-specific weapons like guns, rifles & swords. Craft the perfect tools of war through an in-depth customization system
  • Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary


Create, grow, discover & conquer!

You can fully craft your character’s identity. As a member of the human race, choose from diverse class archetypes including SWAT, Sniper, Scout, Support, and more.

Each class offers specialized passive abilities tailored to its role. Further customize your skills via an in-depth progression tree for each class. Advanced techniques with dozens of weapons, tools, armor, and abilities. Master rifles, sidearms, explosives, and heavy arms as a Sniper.

Abilities icons - Wargate
Fighting scene - Wargate game
Human soldiers - Wargate game
Octobeast VS Human - Wargate

Your character’s progression is shaped not just by your choices, but by how you support your fellow survivors. Using your character’s specialized skills, assist allies by providing healing, buffs, or tactical support based on your class. Teamwork and community are your greatest assets in the fight to unravel the mysteries behind the anomalies.


Lots of guns, ammo & sharp blades

You can fully customize your hero’s combat abilities to match your preferred playstyle. Whether you specialize in ranged combat with dozens of firearms from pistols to rocket launchers, or favor the adrenaline of melee with swords from nimble rapiers to towering greatswords, there are options for any fighting style.

Each melee weapon boasts unique stats, abilities and special attacks tailored to different martial arts from slashing to brawling. You’ll also find diverse protective gear yielding different benefits. Mix and match armor pieces yielding varied best resistances and bonuses.

Guns & ammo - Wargate

Cooperatively explore a vast open world full of danger. Work together to overcome obstacles, from mutant-infested cities and abandoned military bases to remote wilderness and anomalous zones blurring reality. Coordinate strategically to conquer obstacles greater than any one person could withstand. Form squads, share loot and watch each other’s backs to brave even the most dangerous & anomalous zones. By cooperating, you’ll go further together than alone in this hostile new world.


Learn the abilities and origins of the game characters

Take on the role of mighty heroes and villains in a world of epic adventure. Choose your path in the Wargate world. Explore every corner of the maps. Achieve dominance through conquest. The power and glory await – now write your legend!

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