Roadmap for Wargate game. Game developing stages & plans.


Game developing stages & plans

Last updated: 11.10.2023

Developing living, breathing virtual worlds is a complex undertaking that evolves through many iterative stages. At Realm of Magic, our ambition is to forge not merely a game but a fully-realized digital realm for Players to immerse themselves within.


Users will be able to actively participate in shaping this world through adventure, discovery, and economic involvement. This roadmap lays the initial foundations, yet the journey remains open-ended – our vision will organically expand in response to emerging technologies and the evolving desires of our community.

Sci-fi soldiers Wargate game characters
Q3 2023

Together, we will create a whole new world!

1. Build core team

We have assembled a team of experienced and talented developers

2. Story and plot

Developing the game story and plot

3. Game concept

We have a game concept, but we would like to involve you in the process of creating the world

4. First character reveals

Concept art from our initial character collections will be revealed, showing early character styles and customization options

5. First NFTs to launch

We'll show you the characters and every NFT owner will take benefits of holding them

6. Social media

We will establish a presence on platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Medium, Pinterest to engage directly with players

Soldier fighting with Hellraiser - Wargate NFT
Q4 2023

Together, we will create a whole new world!

1. Character design development

We will work closely with 3D artists to design a diverse range of characters and races for the game world. Community surveys will help guide attribute and style preferences.

2. Level design

Our level designers will begin blocking out initial zones and levels based on the game world concept

3. Core gameplay prototype

An internal prototype focused on basic movement, combat, and ability mechanics will be developed

4. Website v1 launch

This is the first version of the site. We will take into account the wishes and try to make a better one

5. Whitepaper development

We're to develop a Whitepaper for the game

6. GitBook development

Learn how to Build and Share your experiences in the Wargate game

7. Community forming

The first community events like contests, meetups, polls and NFT tickets airdrops will be scheduled

Octobeast game character - Wargate
Q4 2024

Together, we will create a whole new world!

1. Monster NPCs design development

3D artists will begin designing a variety of monsters, beasts and NPCs to inhabit the game world

2. Battle Royale level design

Our level designers will create several BR maps to test core gameplay mechanics

3. Artificial intelligence (AI) integration

Prototypes for basic NPC behaviors like combat, pathfinding, reactions to players based on AI

4. First game trailer to reveal

Using feedback from the community, we'll debut cinematic trailer showcasing the game world and tone

5. Blockchain integration

One of the most important feature! Players to use their in-game assets and rewards in the real world, or even earn real-world money by playing game

6. Complete 15,000 NFT tickets

We'll show you the characters and every NFT owner will take benefits of holding them

7. Marketplace

Marketplace will allow players to list collectible items, mounts, pets and other virtual goods for trade or sale using in-game tokens as currency

This roadmap outlines our initial plans, but will expand organically in response to emerging technologies and community feedback. As new ideas arise and the player experience develops, we aim to supplement our vision accordingly. Our goal is to cultivate a living world where imagination and innovation can thrive in a spirit of collaboration between developers and users. The journey to bring magic into people’s everyday lives has only just begun.


Partnerships and Cooperation

Working with other developers and studios allows us to create a bigger and better Universe than we could alone. Partnerships open up new opportunities for content, technology, and markets that benefit all parties involved.

Development is in progress. This is not the final version.