First Wargate website launch (V.1)

Website launch

We are excited to share that we’ve launched the initial website for our upcoming Wargate game. As this represents the first public version, your feedback would be tremendously helpful as we continue improving and refining the site.

The website presents information about the game and mechanics in the most complete way. We will also post detailed information about our team: what approaches and principles we use, and what stage of development we are at the moment. So, you’ll find a trove of insightful information, from in-depth explorations of the various game mechanics to a behind-closed-doors look at our creative process and development. We pull back the curtain so our community sees exactly what goes into crafting this world – from the earliest design documents brainstorming gameplay ideas to animations and visuals being brought to life in our studio. We aim to give players a fully transparent view of our artistic and technical work so they feel deeply invested in the project’s evolution. There are no secrets here! We want you to understand and influence each step of building this game together.

Through the website and social channels, we can interact with you by structuring and posting relevant information from social networks. This is a direct line of your influence on the direction of the game.

The best is yet to come!

Development is in progress. This is not the final version.