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Hidden among Earth’s forests for generations, the truth about Dryads has finally emerged. Subjected to cruel experimentation by those who didn’t understand them, only a few escaped into the wilderness to live in secret.
Dryads hail from a distant world, their ancestors fleeing to Earth eons ago. Though alien in origin, they have a symbiotic connection to plant life. Living near forests restores their health and abilities.

Now the last remnants of their kind have been located. Dryads must once again go beyond their homeworld to protect the remnants of the world from an old enemy.

3 level of armor

Three tiers of armor provide increased defenses and benefits. Higher levels allow for advanced enchantments and mobility
  • L.1-3 each one has own abilities

Distinct Classes

Dryads race offers unique class archetypes with specialized passive abilities. Become a scout, support, or other specialized role
  • Infantry, rangers, snipers, support, etc

Evolving Skillset

A robust skill tree for each class allows customizing your abilities. Advance techniques in weapons, magic, survival, etc
  • Each class has it's own skill tree


Wield iconic race-specific weapons like guns, rifles & swords. Craft the perfect tools of war through an in-depth customization system
  • Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary
Dryad game character - Wargate game


Create, grow, discover & conquer!

As a Dryad, fully craft your hero’s personality and role with a diverse range of class options. Scouts excel at reconnaissance, support, medics and more. Each class comes with passive abilities fitting its niche. Then refine your skills through an expansive development tree, unlocking unique techniques for an extensive arsenal.

Each class has specialized passive abilities appropriate to its role. Skills are further refined through an in-depth development tree for each class. Improve your techniques with dozens of weapons, tools, armor, and abilities. Master rifles, pistols, and explosives. Engage in melee combat using sharp blades or your own skills.

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Beautiful Dryad character - Wargate
Dryad character concept - Wargate
Dryads characters - Wargate
Dryad - Wargate game

Coordinate strategically with your crew to overcome obstacles no single hero could withstand alone. Form tight-knit squads, share resources, and watch each other’s backs – especially when delving into the most anomalous zones. This is how you and your fellow survivors will progress furthest – not just in strengthening your characters, but in unraveling the mysteries behind the anomalies reshaping the Multiverse. By supporting one another through cooperation and community, victory is assured.

Dryads character concept - Wargate


Lots of guns, ammo & sharp blades

Craft a hero perfectly suited to your playstyle. Specialize in ranged combat with a vast armory of firearms from pistols to rocket launchers. Or relish the intensity of melee with swords from agile rapiers to towering greatswords.

Each blade offers unique stats, abilities and special maneuvers tailored for diverse martial arts like slashing or brawling. Experiment to discover your ideal weaponry. You’ll also find diverse protective gear granting different benefits. Mix and match armor pieces to obtain varied resistances and bonuses optimized for your character. Regardless of playstyle, all equipment can be modified with new appearances, stats, sockets for upgrades and more. Craft the ultimate warrior down to the smallest customizable detail.

Guns & ammo - Wargate

To survive in this hostile new world will require strength in numbers. Band together with other survivors to cooperatively explore a sprawling open world filled with peril. Coordinate strategically with your squad to overcome obstacles no single person could withstand alone. Form tight-knit fireteams, share resources and watch each other’s backs – especially when delving into the most dangerous anomalous regions.


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