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Explore the diverse inhabitants of the world of Wargate. Here you’ll find detailed descriptions and features of the various game characters, monsters, and creatures that populate the lands of Wargate.

Learn about the heroes and villains, allies and enemies, and fantastic beasts that populate this realm. Humans, Dryads, Hellraisers, Werewolfs, and strange beasts await to discover.

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Sci-fi soldiers Wargate game characters
Soldier fighting with Hellraiser - Wargate NFT

3 level of armor

Three tiers of armor provide increased defenses and benefits. Higher levels allow for advanced enchantments and mobility
  • L.1-3 each one has own abilities

Distinct Classes

Each race offers unique class archetypes with specialized passive abilities. Become a warrior, support, or other specialized role
  • Infantry, rangers, snipers, support, etc

Evolving Skillset

A robust skill tree for each class allows customizing your abilities. Advance techniques in weapons, magic, survival, etc
  • Each class has it's own skill tree


Wield iconic race-specific weapons like guns, rifles & swords. Craft the perfect tools of war through an in-depth customization system
  • Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary


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Take on the role of mighty heroes and villains in a world of epic adventure. Choose your path in the Wargate world. Explore every corner of the maps. Achieve dominance through conquest. The power and glory await – now write your legend!

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