AI integration for the NPCs - the future of gaming

AI integration for the NPCs

By integration AI to the Wargate we expecting 10x times engagement with AI NPCs that have human-like capabilities.

AI integration idea for NPCs

The video helpfully illustrates how NPCs are typically programmed with a limited set of predefined responses and behaviors based on scripted triggers from the player. While this allows for large quantities of NPCs to populate game worlds, it does constrain their ability to engage in truly dynamic or personalized conversations. Players can often predict an NPC’s exact words before interacting with them.

Therefore, we made the decision to integrate AI into some of our NPCs.

AI dialogue agents with more human-like conversational abilities have real promise to drive deeper engagement and interaction with NPC characters. Players may feel more connected to the game world when they can have natural discussions that are personalized based on their in-game choices and progression.

Estimating a potential 10x increase in engagement with AI NPCs is ambitious, but achievable if we take the right approach. We will start with a limited AI integrations to measure real-world results. The insights gained could then inform a broader, more responsible rollout that maximizes the user experience benefits while avoiding any unforeseen downsides.

Inworld AI

By integrating AI from Inworld we can expect that NPCs can learn and adapt, navigate relationships with emotional intelligence, have memory and recall, and are capable of autonomously initiating goals, performing actions and following their own motivations.

Of course, this is one of the early examples of the use of AI and requires detailed work to make these NPC characters more natural and similar to real players.

NPCs long-term memory

AI NPCs memory functionality could further immerse users if implemented thoughtfully. Perhaps NPCs could recognize player choices over multiple sessions to personalize future conversations.

Inworld AI NPCs long-term memory - Wargate

Memory functionality could further immerse users if implemented thoughtfully. Perhaps NPCs could recognize player choices over multiple sessions to personalize future conversations.

AI NPSc mood

The ability for Inworld characters to express emotion in response to player interactions is a concept with a lot of potential to enhance engagement and immersion. By mapping emotions to specific animations, goals and triggers, the characters could feel more believably human in how they experience the game world.

Inworld AI NPCs emotions - Wargate

For example, if a player assists an NPC achieve an objective, the character could display an animation of joy or gratitude to acknowledge the help. Meanwhile, if a player hinders their progress, it may spark an animation showing frustration or disappointment. Environmental triggers could also influence emotions – discovering danger may elicit fear while finding treasure produces excitement.


Of course, no technology should replace human creativity. AI is simply a tool that can be used to augment what writers and designers already create. With dynamic dialogue, developers would still shape the tone, themes and overall narrative. But AI could handle the smaller details – coming up with unique responses each time based on the player’s choices and progress.

This would allow games to feel more immersive and reactive without an exponential increase in development costs. Players could have rich conversations that feel tailored just for them, even with minor characters. And it could extend replay value by introducing unexpected twists the second or third time through.

More than anything, dynamic dialogue shows that AI is not a threat to creativity but rather an opportunity to take player experience to new heights. This seems like an idea worth exploring further to deliver more compelling and memorable gaming worlds.

The best is yet to come!

Development is in progress. This is not the final version.