Wargate Hitbo NFT collection and 5 benefits for holders

Wargate NFT collection

In contrast to most existing collections, our approach sets us apart from many existing game projects and Metaverses, as we are not focused on producing a vast number of repetitive images with no art or any other value. Instead, we are dedicated to creating a high-quality, immersive action game with stunning AAA graphics where NFT has not only value as a work of art but is also a ticket to events and prizes. And this is just the first stage 😉

Therefore, we will be glad if you help us with this.

About the collection

Wargate NFTs is also a ticket to events & gifts!

Wargate game NFT collection is built on the Polygon blockchain, which we believe is the most convenient solution since it eliminates the need to overpay for Gas & fees.

NFT showcases a concept art of characters that will feature in the Wargate game and the following Metaverse. Through it, you’ll be able to discover the races, creatures, and monsters that populate the world, and even create your own unique character. By creating a character, you’ll have the freedom to choose your race, gender, and fully customize your appearance.

In the future, we will add the function of generating a face from a photo.

Dryad character concept - Wargate
Sci-fi man character from Wargate NFT
Sci-fi soldier - Wargate NFT
Wargate #3 NFT preview - Hellraiser character
Octobeast - Wargate NFT collection

A total of 10,000 NFTs will be issued as tickets. Please keep in mind that this is not a speedy process, as each NFT is crafted individually and requires time to render the image and complete the post-processing. Based on our approach, we can confidently guarantee that each NFT is one-of-a-kind!

The first 1000 NFTs will be in a week or so on OpenseaRarible.

You’ll be happy to know that we’ll be hosting frequent contests on our Twitter, where we’ll be giving away NFTs from our collection. Keep an eye out for updates and take part to win some Wargate NFT tickets!

Benefits to NFT holders

Wargate NFTs is also a ticket to events & gifts!

Each NFT entitles you to win prizes & get some coins. The number of prizes is stated in the NFT itself. Also, the owner of the NFT will get the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale of the token and access to the closed testing of the game.

  1. Each NFT is 100% unique
  2. Each NFT provides the holder with 🎁 gift boxes. The number of boxes indicated in the NFT itself. There may be Rare, Epic & Legendary game items or weapons that can be used, exchanged or sold.
  3. The NFT holder will get the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale of the token. 1 NFT = 1 ticket to token pre-sale. Please note, that there will be no $wargate token. The token title and the details will be announced in our news later.
  4. Each NFT contains a certain amount of coins that can be gained.
  5. Access to the closed beta testing of the game.

That’s why we call The Wargate collection also as NFT tickets.

Just a friendly reminder. When you purchase NFTs, you are actively supporting the development of the Wargate game and future Metaverse (VR). Thank you for your support!

About Wargate

Community Driven game development and storyline.
Wargate game characters

Wargate is an immersive sci-fi MMORPG shooter that offers a vast array of unique characters and endless gameplay possibilities. Players can expect thrilling battles, deep customization options, and a richly detailed universe to explore and conquer. Lots of guns, ammo and ⚔ blades.

The main benefit is that the progression of the story and character arcs is guided by the collective decision-making of the community through a voting system.

Additionally, the game incorporates the Play2Earn model, allowing players to generate earnings by accomplishing various in-game tasks and objectives.

Development is in progress. This is not the final version.