Wargate NFT collection - tickets to presale and gift boxes


We think it’s time for a big change!

In contrast to most existing collections, our approach sets us apart from many existing game projects and Metaverses, as we are not focused on producing a vast number of repetitive images with no art or any other value. Instead, we are dedicated to creating a high-quality, immersive action game with stunning AAA graphics where NFT has not only value as a work of art but is also a ticket to events and prizes. And this is just the first stage.

As an NFT ticket holder, you’ll receive access to exclusive closed alpha tests, in-game items to kick off your adventure, and a reserved position for our token presale.

1 NFT =

Therefore, we will be glad if you help us with this.

Soldier fighting with Hellraiser - Wargate NFT

Polygon blockchain

Wargate NFT collection is built on the Polygon blockchain, which we believe is the most convenient solution that eliminates the need to overpay for Gas & fees
  • Low GAS & Fees

15,000 NFTs

15,000 unique NFT tickets will be issued. Note that the process takes time, as each NFT is individually created and post-processed, ensuring its exclusivity.
  • Each NFT is one-of-a-kind

Gifts to owners

Every NFT is accompanied by special gift boxes that contain Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary in-game items. These can be deployed, swapped, or put up for sale.
  • Gifts & access to events


NFT showcases a concept art of characters that will feature in the Wargate game and the following Metaverse. Through it, you’ll be able to discover the races, creatures, and monsters that populate the world, and even create your own unique character. By creating a character, you’ll have the freedom to choose your race, gender, and fully customize your appearance.
Abilities icons - Wargate
Wargate #3 NFT preview - Sci-fi woman soldier
Wargate #3 NFT preview - Hellraiser character
Wargate #3 NFT preview - Dryad character
Wargate #15 NFT preview - Sci-fi soldier
Wargate #3 NFT preview - Beautiful woman soldier

Dive into Wargate game concept art featuring characters you’ll encounter in-game and throughout the Metaverse. Get a first look at the races, creatures and monsters that inhabit the world. As development progresses, we’d love for you to get involved by testing, and providing feedback.

Your NFT ticket purchase unlocks early access to beta testing, character customization items, and guaranteed allocation in our token launch. Join our growing community as the game’s vision takes shape.


Frequent questions about the collection
How many gift boxes and what their contents will be in the NFT?

The number of boxes indicated in the NFT itself. There may be Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary game items or weapons that can be used, exchanged or sold.

How many NFTs are available for one owner?

We place no cap on the amount of NFTs a single user can hold.

Is it possible for me to resell or gift an NFT?

Yes. The NFTs can be resold or gifted. However, it’s important to note that you can only partake in the token presale and accept gifts once.


Partnerships and Cooperation

Working with other developers and studios allows us to create a bigger and better Universe than we could alone. Partnerships open up new opportunities for content, technology, and markets that benefit all parties involved.

Development is in progress. This is not the final version.